Adding Vibrators To Your Foreplay Free Printable Date Night Card

Adding Vibrators To Your Foreplay FREE Printable Date Night Card - Week 12 Beginners Program To Spice Up Your Sex Life
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This week’s FREE printable sex date card

Week 12 of our Beginner’s Program To Spice Up Your Sex Life

It’s week 12, and the last week of our Beginners Program. Hopefully by now you would have discovered a heap about your sexual pleasure zones, what makes you and your husband tick, and just how to do it in a way that makes you want more!

As we mentioned in week 8, sometimes our bodies can be very temperamental and don’t always co-operate as we would like them to. At times, no matter how much foreplay you do, you still fail to reach climax when having sex, and it can be very disappointing to say the least. If you struggle with this, there is something that can help, and it can be loads of fun to try if you haven’t already used one… a clitoral vibrator.

About the clitoris & why vibrators really help

The clitoris is essentially a bundle of 8000 nerve fibers which makes it the most sensitive spot on our body! By stimulating the clitoris during foreplay, it truly helps in making it come alive when having sex, especially in positions that focus on it. If you feel comfortable enough to bring one of these ‘little helpers’ into your relationship, and you haven’t used one before, please read our How To Guide’s: Buying The Right Vibrator Or Dildo and How To Guide’s: Using A Clitoral & Vaginal Vibrator, as they are packed with heaps of info that can really help. If you aren’t comfortable with adding sex toys into your relationship, rather wait until you feel you are ready to do so… you have a life-time to explore the many wondrous pleasure things of this world!

Our Adding Vibrators To Your Foreplay FREE printable date night card

This week’s printable will make it easier for you to introduce one of these ‘little helpers’ if you are ready. Because you are “graduating” from this program so to speak, it seems the perfect time to experiment a bit more so that you can progress onto our Sex Date Ideas & Blog section with a little more ease when you are ready… there’s loads more fun to be had!

You can print our ‘Good Vibrations’ printable from the link below for a cute date night card to give to your husband when you are ready to give it a bash. Hopefully it will make the introduction easier, especially if you feel embarrassed to straight out say, “Hey, I want you to use a vibrator on me!”

As always, we hope you have loads of fun and that you have enjoyed our Beginners Guide program!

The Sassy Wives Club team

Quick view of this week’s FREE sexy date night card

sexy date night ideas & printable cards to spice up your sex life

Print it from the PDF file below

Good Vibrations PDF PRINTABLE

Printable instructions

All our printable’s are designed to be printed on A4 cardboard or paper of your choice, and are printed using black ink. This allows you to choose your colour palate, using coloured cardboard or pretty printed scrapbook paper to compliment the theme of the week.

To print, simply print page 1 of the PDF document above, and then place the printed page back into the printer tray (following the instructions on the page) to print the inside of the card on the reverse. Once it’s printed, you can fold & cut the card as per the instructions printed on the page.

For our printable this week, we used light turquoise cardboard, and printed an extra copy of page 1 on some green patterned scrapbooking paper, which we cut and overlaid on the outside of the card.

Use your creativity, and have fun creating your ‘Adding Vibrators To Your Foreplay Free Printable Date Night Card’.

free sexy date night printable cards


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