Varied Hot Spot Positions Free Printable Date Night Card

Varied Hot Spot Positions FREE Printable Date Night Card - Week 11 Beginners Program To Spice Up Your Sex Life
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This week’s FREE printable sex date card

Week 11 of our Beginner’s Program To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Congratulations… you’ve made it to the last two sexual positions within our Beginners Program! We truly hope you’ve enjoyed your journey thus far, and that it will forever continue to be an exciting adventure for you!

Now, time to get onto some varied ‘hot spot’ positions…

This week’s positions and what to expect

This week, we look at The Squatting Frog & Backdoor Planking positions with our ‘Varied Hot Spot Positions Free Printable Date Night Card’. These positions can help in stimulating a couple of ‘hot spots’, so you can pick and choose whichever spot you prefer, and focus on that.

As always, we’ve included a brief ‘How to guide’ to help you through them, and what spots they should hit. Remember to continue communicating what works for you and when it’s hitting the right spot. You can also get warmed up with some of your favorites from your ‘Foreplay Favorites Discovery’, continuing to build and work on those.

Our Varied Hot Spot Positions FREE printable date night card

You can print our ‘New Positions The Squatting Frog & Backdoor Planking’ printable from the link below for a cute date night card to give to your husband when you are ready to give these positions a bash.

If you’re interested in looking at some other positions to try in the future, you can print our FREE Positions List PDF PRINTABLE, as it will help you through some of the more basic positions (there are 30 of them).

As always, we hope you have fun and continue discovering new ways to bring your relationship into sexual ecstasy!

The Sassy Wives Club team

Quick view of this week’s FREE sexy date night card

sexy date night ideas & printable cards to spice up your sex life

Print it from the PDF file below

New Positions The Squatting Frog & Backdoor Planking PDF PRINTABLE

Our brief ‘how to guide’ for this week’s positions

The Squatting Frog (or Reverse Squatting Frog)

Your husband should lie on his back with his knees parted and bent. You then squat over him, facing towards him (or Reverse Frog Squat – face away from him) with your hands supporting you on the bed or on his thighs. This will give you a bit of a thigh work out as you squat up and down, but it gives you the control of how deep and where his penis will penetrate you. If you do the Reverse Frog Squat, he can also reach around with his hands and gently rub/massage your clitoris. This position gives you a lot of control, although it can also be physically straining on your thighs! You can lean backwards, forwards or go from side to side. You can also change the depth he enters you by controlling your squat. If he stimulates your clitoris while doing it, it may bring you to orgasm easier.

Best for: G-spot stimulation (shallow penetration), A-spot stimulation (deep penetration) or clitoris stimulation (if he rubs it while you are in the reverse position)

Backdoor Planking

Lie on your stomach with your bum raised and your legs positioned close together (you can place a pillow under your hips if it’s more comfy for you). Your husband then enters you from behind while on his knees. He can either have steady shallow short thrusts to stimulate your G-spot, or deeper harder thrusts to stimulate your A-spot. This position is a variation of Doggy-Style, except your stomach will be flat on the bed instead of being raised. By keeping your legs close together, this position creates a tighter entry for your husband and an increased sensation for you.

Best for: G-spot stimulation (shallow penetration) or A-spot stimulation (deep penetration)

Printable instructions

All our printable’s are designed to be printed on A4 cardboard or paper of your choice, and are printed using black ink. This allows you to choose your colour palate, using coloured cardboard or pretty printed scrapbook paper to compliment the theme of the week.

To print, simply print page 1 of the PDF document above and cut the card as per the instructions printed on the page.

For our printable this week, we used light turquoise scrapbooking paper.

Use your creativity, and have fun creating your ‘Varied Hot Spot Positions Free Printable Date Night Card’.

free sexy date night printable cards


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