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How to guide’s: Sexual Positions

How do you find sexual positions that works for you??? Firstly, everyone is different. A guaranteed orgasm position for some, may be the complete opposite for others. There are obviously a host of factors at play, from something as simple as your head space at that particular moment, to hitting the right spots… at the right speed… for the right amount of time. Woman are complex creatures to say the least. What works for us this week, may not work at all the following week… but that can be a real plus too, variety is after all the spice of life!

A little education before we get into it…

The vagina boasts four sexual ‘hot spots’ that can deliver an orgasm if stimulated: the clitoris, the U-spot, the G-spot and the A-spot. The first two are located on the exterior, while the second two are located on the interior. With that said, it may be important to take note of the following:

“It has been claimed that two out of every three women fail to reach regular orgasm from simple penetrative sex. This must mean that, for them, the two “hot spots” inside the vagina are not living up to their name. The reason for this, it seems, is monotony in sexual positioning. A group of 27 couples were asked to vary their sexual positions experimentally, employing postures that would allow greater stimulation of the two vaginal ‘hot spots’, and it was found that three-quarters of the females involved were then able to achieve regular vaginal orgasms.”

Morris, D (2004). The naked woman: A study of the female body. London: Jonathan Cape

How to find the sexual position that’ll work for you

Again, there would certainly be a host of factors at play. Varied sexual positions suddenly bring an element of excitement, especially if you’ve been doing the missionary position your entire relationship and end up thinking about your work schedule the following day while doing it.

To bring it back to the beginning of this post, everyone is different. There are undoubtedly positions that will stimulate your ‘hot spots’ and they may bring you to orgasm multiple times, but for someone else, they will be a complete let-down. This is because your G-spot may be located a little deeper than someone else’s, or your husband may swing a little to the right or left for that matter, or he may be as straight as an arrow!

The best advice we can give is this… buy yourself a Kamasutra book and work through it slowly. We have designed a little ‘add-on’ for you as well, to help you keep track of 30 more common positions and how they work for you. Our Positions List names the positions, gives a brief ‘how to guide’ & what spot it should be hitting. We have of course left a column open for you to rate how the position worked for you, which is always helpful when comparing them once you’ve worked through the list.

As always, we hope you have fun!

The Sassy Wives Club team

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Post updated on: 5 March 2019

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