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How to guide: Sploshing

What on earth is sploshing? If you’ve never heard of it, we hope we can enlighten you about this really fun and messy foreplay encounter. Sploshing is the act of placing wet and messy food substances on the naked skin of another person, although it can also be performed while clothed.

It is also known as WAM (wet & messy fetishism) and is usually enjoyed by people who are drawn to sensory play. It can be heaps of fun, but should be practiced with caution, and of course in a room that is easy to clean afterwards (like a bathroom).

Step 1: Choosing the right ingredients

Always start with applying an oily substance as this will help in washing the other substances off once you’re done. You can also alternate between cold and warm substances to help create a mind-blowing sensory experience. We have compiled a list below of some of the more common substances to use, but the world is your oyster and you can use just about anything that is safe to place on skin.


Massage oil, baby oil or cooking oil

Warm substances:

Melted chocolate, warmed caramel sauce, warmed custard, warmed syrup, warmed tinned baked beans, sweetcorn or peas

Cold substances:

Whipped cream, peanut butter, raw cake batter, ice-cream, milk, Champagne, beer, fizzy Coldrinks, fruit juice, sauces (tomato, chilli or mayo), raw eggs

Step 2: How it’s done

Whether you’re performing the sploshing or having it done to you, have fun with it and don’t take it too seriously. It’s going to be messy, so expect to jump into the shower once you’re done… perhaps you can enjoy some steamy shower sex to end off the experience!

The partner that’s in charge of the sploshing will need to choose and prepare the substances that will be used prior to starting. Essentially, the partner that is being sploshed shouldn’t know what substances will be used on them. The partner that is being sploshed should also be blindfolded prior to entering the room where the sploshing will take place. Being blindfolded adds to the surprise, suspense and anticipation of their overall experience, and will heighten their other senses too.

Before you start

To prepare the room for the impending mess, you can lay some plastic sheeting on the floor. This will help in the clean-up afterwards and save your floor from any substances that could stain it. You can also use the bath tub or shower, just make sure that the sploshed partner sits down prior to starting as they could slip and hurt themselves…it will become very slippery!

How to start

As we mentioned before, start with squirting or dripping an oily substance over them. You can then alternate between the other substances that you have chosen to use, varying their application between rubbing, dripping, pouring and squirting. Once you’re done, the partner that performed the splosh can lick the substances off…initiating some extra foreplay…

How to end

Well… that’s up to you! Have fun with it, and enjoy the amazing sensory experience!

The Sassy Wives Club team

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Post updated on: 5 March 2019

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