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How to guide: Using Ben Wa balls (vaginal balls)

Ben Wa balls, also known as Burmese bells, are probably the world’s oldest “sex toy” as they’ve been around since +/-500 AD. We can understand why using Ben Wa balls has been around for such a long time… they have many advantages, which we’ll get into shortly…

A Ben Wa set generally consist of 2 balls (one that is hollow, and one that contains another ball inside it), and they’re either joined together by a string or completely separate. Back in the day they were made from brass and contained mercury, but lucky for us, things have changed a lot since then!

Nowadays, they’re generally made from plastic or coated in a soft silicone (for easy insertion) and are joined by a silicone string. They can also made from metal, glass and even jade, but these are found in more specialized sex shops.

They also come in a variety of sizes (smaller & lighter balls for beginners to larger & heavier balls for the more experienced). They are predominantly used to strengthen the walls of your vagina, and many people use them together with Kegel exercises. This is of course a big plus for your sex life and here’s why…

By strengthening your Kegel muscles, your vagina will be able to squeeze more tightly around your husband’s penis. This in turn gives you a much stronger orgasm… which sounds great to any woman, doesn’t it!

If you’d like to strengthen your Kegal muscles with a little extra help, check out these great machines that can help achieve this…

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That said, let’s get down to the business of it and our ‘how to guide’ for using Ben Wa balls…

Step 1: Getting comfy with using Ben Wa balls

If you intend using Ben Wa balls to strengthen your Kegel muscles, we suggest beginning with smaller and lighter balls, and then gradually progressing to bigger and heavier balls when your muscles become stronger.

To insert them, you will need to be lubricated. You can place a small amount of lubricant on the Ben Wa balls if you need to, as this will help in sliding them in. But remember the more they are lubricated, the easier they can fall out… so don’t over-lube!

Lie down and spread your legs open. Begin by inserting the hollow ball all the way in towards your cervix, followed by the second “loaded” ball until they make contact. You can then start doing some Kegel exercises, contracting and relaxing those muscles.

When you’re ready, you can walk around with them inside you… but be careful as they can plop out at any time, especially if your muscles aren’t strong enough to keep the balls in! Avoid public places until you are ready and you are confident with being able to keep them in.

With slight movements of your hips or thighs the “loaded” ball will move or roll, causing it to slightly vibrate inside of you. The vibration, together with contracting the Kegel muscles, can be very pleasurable for some woman…but don’t expect an orgasm as you may be disappointed… it takes time to master this!

When you want to remove the balls, simply squat and bear down on them. If they are on a string, give it a little tug and they should drop out.

Step 2: Clean them well

After using Ben Wa balls, you should always wash them well with bath soap or specialized toy cleaner. If they are on a string, make sure you thoroughly clean the string and dry it well before you pack them away – we are very sensitive creatures and you don’t want to pick up any nasty infections!

Step 3: Have fun with your husband

Ben Wa balls can also be a lot of fun to use with your husband during foreplay. The best variety of Ben Wa ball for this are the ones on a string. Once you’ve inserted them, have your husband gently tug back and forth on the string. The balls will bump into each other, while the “loaded” ball will move and roll causing it to slightly vibrate inside of you. You can also stimulate your clitoris with either your hand or a clitoral vibrator to add that extra punch…

As always, have fun, explore and enjoy your sexual journey.

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Post updated on: 16 August 2019

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