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Using lubricants - which is best for sex - How To Guide's For All Things Sex
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How to guide: Using lubricants

Using lubricants is really easy, choosing the right one however can be a little trickier. Firstly, there are many lubricants on the market. They vary from standard lubrication to those that give your sensitive parts added stimulation.

They are broken up into three categories: oil-based, water-based and silicone-based. Here are some of the pro’s & con’s of each, to help you with choosing what’s right for you…

Oil-based lubricants:

The pro’s:

They’re a good choice if you are sensitive to additives like Glycerin and Paraben, which can be found in water or silicone based lubricants. They also work well in water and last longer than water-based lubricants.

The con’s:

Certain oils can increase the risk of picking up vaginal or urinary infections as they tend to leave a residue even after you have washed them off. They also can’t be used with latex condoms, as the oil degrades the latex.

Water-based lubricants:

The pro’s:

They’re widely available and can come with a variety of stimulating extra’s (warming, tingling, cooling) which can be loads of fun. They’re also easy to wash off with soap and water.

The con’s:

They tend to dry up quickly and become sticky, but can be reconstituted with a squirt of water. Some may contain Glycerin & Parabens, which can cause yeast infections and skin allergies respectively, so read the label carefully before purchasing to avoid products that contain these ingredients.

Silicone-based lubricants:

The pro’s:

They don’t dry up quickly and last longer than water-based lubricants. They are also very slippery and work well on the anal area. There are a few varieties on the market that don’t contain Glycerin, which is helpful if you tend to pick up yeast infections easily.

The con’s:

Silicone-based lubricants can’t be used with silicone sex toys. The lubricant will want to become harder like your sex toy and will start to solidify onto it, while your sex toy will start to melt into the lubricant, leaving you with a sticky/melted-cheese-like mess!

Always use a water based lubricant with silicone sex toys – it won’t cause any freaky science reactions!

The importance of reading the label before buying & using lubricants

It’s always important to read the label before using lubricants, especially if your skin is sensitive to specific ingredients (Glycerin & Parabens). You should also place a small amount of it on the inside of your elbow, and check how your skin reacts to it.

Once you’ve chosen which type of lubricant best suits you, place a generous amount of it on your vagina and anything else that will come in contact with it (your hands, your husband’s parts, sex toys…)

Have fun with using lubricants and enjoy the slippery, wet, slick sensation!

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Post updated on: 5 March 2019

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