Sexy Glamping Printable Date Night Card

Sexy Glamping Printable Date Night Card
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This week’s sex date idea

Get ready, it’s Glamping time… The Sexy Glamping Printable Date Night Card

Southern Hemisphere Week 19 or Northern Hemisphere Week 45

This week’s sex date requires a bit of planning, so if you have kids, best start arranging a sitter now! Planning a short getaway as a couple is so important, and that’s why we’ve designed this ‘Sexy Glamping Printable Date Night Card’.

A short trip away (just for 2) gives you and your man the time to enjoy each other’s company completely uninterrupted… no screaming kids… no knocking on your bedroom door… and most importantly… no worries about anything or anyone!

This week’s date night printable

This week’s sex card can be “glamped” up or down. You can either choose to book a romantic weekend away at a fully kitted glamping resort, or you can create your very own glamping experience in your backyard…

Our printable allows you to pen in where & when your glamping adventure will take place. We’ve left a generous space for you to fill in all the finer details. These could include some rules for the weekend, like… “No underwear to be worn for the weekend” … or … “Pleasure sessions to last no shorter than two hours at a time” … or … “You have to make me cum 10 times over the weekend”… or anything you fancy!
You and your man can also pen in some of your favorite pleasure requests, which you can perform under the night’s sky with only the stars looking down on you.

Have fun with it and enjoy a “glamped” up date night!

The Sassy Wives Club team

Quick view this week’s printable sex card

Sexy Glamping Printable Date Night Card

Preview the full PDF printable here: Glamping SAMPLE (this is a 2 page PDF)

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Printable instructions

All our printable’s are designed to be printed on A4 cardboard or paper of your choice, and are printed using black ink. This allows you to choose your colour palate, using coloured cardboard or pretty printed scrapbook paper to compliment the theme of the week.

To print, simply print page 1 of the PDF document, and then place the printed page back into the printer tray (following the instructions on the page) to print the inside of the card on the reverse. Once it’s printed, you can fold and cut the card as per the instructions printed on the page.

For our printable this week, we used dark turquoise cardboard, and printed an extra copy of page 1 on some floral-patterned scrapbooking paper, which we cut and overlaid on the outside of the card.

Use your creativity, and have fun creating your ‘Sexy Glamping Printable Date Night Card’.

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Post updated on: 6 May 2019

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