Skinny Dipping Printable Date Night Card

Skinny Dipping Printable Date Night Card
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This week’s sex date idea

The Skinny Dipping Printable Date Night Card

Northern Hemisphere Week 33 or Southern Hemisphere Week 50

Sometimes it’s great to throw caution to the wind and do something totally unexpected. For most of us, we’d probably view skinny dipping as something we would’ve done when we were young & carefree, without a worry in the world. So this week, why not roll back the clock and be a little daring & spontaneous with our ‘Skinny Dipping Printable Date Night Card’.

This week’s date night printable

This week our printable sex card includes an invite for a skinny dip and a game of truth or dare… We’ve left an open space for you to pen in some “dare favorites” as a little guideline for your man to follow!

Be sure to watch the weather forecast, and pick an evening that has the most favorable conditions. Pop the card to your husband that morning, and look forward to an evening filled with fun!

The Sassy Wives Club Team

Quick view of this week’s printable sex card

skinny dippping printable date night card

Preview the full PDF printable here: Skinny Love SAMPLE (this is a 2 page PDF)

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Printable instructions

All our printable’s are designed to be printed on A4 cardboard or paper of your choice, and are printed using black ink. This allows you to choose your colour palate, using coloured cardboard or pretty printed scrapbook paper to compliment the theme of the week.

To print, simply print page 1 of the PDF document, and then place the printed page back into the printer tray (following the print instructions on the page) to print the inside of the card on the reverse. Once it’s printed, you can fold and cut the card as per the instructions printed on the page.

For our printable this week, we used white cardboard, and printed an extra copy of page 1 on some blue patterned scrapbooking paper, which we cut and overlaid on the outside of the card. To finish it off, we printed another copy of page 1 on some striped scrapbooking paper and cut out the heart and overlaid it on the card to make it pop.

Use your creativity, and have fun creating your ‘Skinny Dipping Printable Date Night Card’.

free sexy date night printable cards

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