Sploshing Printable Date Night Card

Sploshing Printable Date Night Card
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This week’s sex date idea

Time To Get Dirty… Sploshing Printable Date Night Card

Southern Hemisphere Week 2 or Northern Hemisphere Week 31

So, for those of you who don’t know what sploshing is, please read our How to guide’s: Sploshing, as there’s loads of info on how to practice it, a few really useful tips with the clean-up, and a free bonus printable as well! With that said, let’s get onto our ‘Sploshing Printable Date Night Card’ and this week’s really cool date night idea!

This week’s date night printable

This week’s printable is designed for the person performing the sploshing. They must fill it in and give it to the spouse that will be sploshed… phew… sounds confusing already! In other words, if you desperately want to have food stuff smeared, drizzled and poured all over you, simply print our printable & Sploshing Suggestion List from our How To Guide’s, give it to your husband and tell him to prepare it! If you want to perform the sploshing, there’s quite a bit of prep beforehand, so make sure that you have everything you need, and most importantly, keep your spouse blindfolded so that they will be completely surprised by each substance & texture sploshed onto them!

Still not sure what sploshing is

For all you newbies, there’s a great YouTube video by Taryn Southern entitled “Sploshing” Challenge?! | Party Fun Times Ep.3… it may help you better understand what it is and how it’s done! The sploshing demonstration starts from 07:12 in the clip (if you want to jump straight in), otherwise you can watch the whole video… it’s pretty funny!

When you’re ready for some sploshing fun

Remember to play fair, be responsible and exercise in a safe and sane way! There’s a huge responsibility on both you and your husband to practice anything BDSM related with extreme caution.

When you’re ready for a night of sploshing, print the sex card and let the fun begin!

If sploshing doesn’t float your boat, you can always switch out with another of our printable’s, or go through our Limits List from our Beginners Guide and pick something new to try!

Have fun & practice responsibly!

The Sassy Wives Club team

Quick view of this week’s printable sex card

Sploshing Printable Date Night Card

Preview the full PDF printable here: Sploshing SAMPLE (this is a 2 page PDF)

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Printable instructions

All our printable’s are designed to be printed on A4 cardboard or paper of your choice, and are printed using black ink. This allows you to choose your color palate, using colored cardboard or pretty printed scrapbook paper to compliment the theme of the week.

To print, simply print page 1 of the PDF document, and then place the printed page back into the printer tray (following the instructions on the page) to print the inside of the card on the reverse. Once it’s printed, you can fold and cut the card as per the instructions printed on the page.

For our printable this week, we used some splatter patterned scrapbooking paper.

Use your creativity, and have fun creating your ‘Sploshing Printable Date Night Card’.

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Post updated on: 7 January 2019

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