Adding Vibrators To A Relationship – How To Make The Introduction – 5 Super Fun Ideas

Adding Vibrators To A Relationship
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The anxiety of adding vibrators to a relationship can be tough. I’ll never forget the first time I was introduced to sex toys. The introduction was actually on the part of my husband. I was in my early twenties and still very naïve about sex in general. I’d never used a sex toy before, let alone with a partner, so you can imagine my anxiety levels were through the roof. Fifteen years on, I’m a changed woman, and I’m sure as shit glad for it!

So, if you’re looking to add some good vibes to your relationship, and you’re not quite bold or brave enough to whip out your favorite screaming pink vibrator with your man, hopefully I’ll be able to guide you along with a fun plan to make your introduction!

Firstly, don’t feel alone. A recent study conducted by surveyed 1000 participants (both male & female) and found that on average I in 5 participants would feel anxious when trying sex toys for the first time with a partner. Interestingly, over 66% percent of the people surveyed want to use sex toys with their partner, so lets get you in that 66% that will definitely be having better sex!

The plan: Adding vibrators to a relationship in a fun way…

There’s definitely no “one plan fits all” for adding vibrators to a relationship. You’ll need to decide which idea best suites your relationship, and run with that. The point here is to run with it, the more you delay, the more you’ll stress yourself out about it, and you’ll definitely be missing out on all the fun that comes with adding vibrators to a relationship!

Fun Idea #1: Slip it under his pillow

Hide your favorite vibrator under his pillow with a date note or card. This makes the intro super easy, as the initial verbal communication of your intentions are covered in the date note or card, and you can make the intro without fumbling over your words. Embarrassment eliminated!

You can print our FREE date night card for adding vibrators into a relationship from this link.

Fun Idea #2: Give your vibrator a name & plan an introduction

Plan a dinner date at home and say (name your vibrator) is coming over for dinner. Cook up an awesome meal and place your favorite vibrator at the extra plate setting. Dinner’s sorted, and desserts on the table!

Fun Idea #3: Create a ‘Good Vibes Box’

Use a shoe box, or other suitable sized box, and place all the things that create good vibes in your relationship. From your favorite music, to a lucky charm or a special relationship memento, and most importantly your favorite vibrator! This super fun idea can be used over & over again as anytime you’re in the mood, you can whip out the box for a night of good vibes!

Fun Idea #4: Send a raunchy text

Be completely bold & daring and send a raunchy text message asking your man to join you in the fun! You could kick it up a notch and take it next level by sending him a photo of your vibrator running over your skin… he’s sure to be over as quick as he can!

Fun Idea #5: Go online or plan a trip to an adult shop to pick  out something together

Sometimes making your man feel part of the whole process is a good idea, especially if you think he falls into the 34% that aren’t too keen on adding vibrators to a relationship. Let him pick something for you, or guide him along by pointing out what you think would be fun to try. Start with a clitoral vibrator, it would probably be a whole lot less intimidating than a well hung dildo! Most importantly, make the experience as fun as possible… ‘cos that’s what it all about!

Or, after reading all those super fun ideas, you’ve mustered up enough courage to just go for it… then good on you! Have fun…

Sassy Vicki


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