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We are a group of women determined to make marriages work

We all agree, we’ve seen too many relationships shatter into a million pieces around us. It seems the norm these days, kids bouncing from mom during the week to dad on the weekend, and guaranteed, none of those couples walked into their marriage with that as their end goal… but life happens, and sometimes it’s ugly.

After a girls-get-together one Saturday evening (with one too many bottles of wine), we made a pact with each other that we’ve stuck to… make our marriages work & work at our marriages. Most experts will agree, there is no ‘one plan fits all’ that makes a marriage work ‘until death do us part’, but commitment, good communication and a whole lot of loving (the sexy bits included) make for a long-lasting marriage.

From humble beginnings

We began by sharing some relationship advice with each other every week, inspirational stuff at first, or just advice on how to tackle problems that arose from time to time. From there, it slowly grew… saucy bedroom ideas were added (keeping that proverbial flame alive), and here we are making this website.

For the purpose of this site, we’ve taken it up a level (professionalized it so to speak), from the humble beginnings of where it started with us, to something that you’ll hopefully agree is user-friendly for every relationship. We’ve each helped design our weekly date night printable’s, taking turns on a rotation basis, so each week will be completely different from the next, as we all have very different desires. If there is something you don’t like or feel uncomfortable doing, skip it out completely or give it a try – perhaps it will be something that surprises you! We hope most of all that you have fun, and that you enjoy this journey as much as we have!

The Sassy Wives Club team


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