Spice Up Your Sex Life With Our Date Night Ideas

Spice up your sex life with our date night ideas
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Looking for ways to spice up your sex life… you’re at the right place!

First off… we’re not relationship guru’s, psychologists, sexologists or the like. What we are is a group of wives that know the importance of a strong & healthy sexual relationship. Let’s face it, life throws your marriage challenges everyday… work, finances, kids, monster-in-laws (yip, that’s a real term)… the list is endless… Keeping things “together and happening” in the bedroom can sometimes become a bit of a challenge too. That’s where we come in… we’re here to help you spice up your sex life with our date night ideas, and keep that “flame” burning strong!

We’ve all agreed (through much trial and error) that a good sex life helps cement a far deeper bond in any relationship. By having fun, experimenting, being a bit naughty (or a lot naughty) and having your own private space to be completely vulnerable to your partner gives you a connection that becomes far deeper and meaningful than anything else – suddenly that monster-in-law isn’t so ‘monsterish’ if you fight her off together!

How The Sassy Wives Club can take your marriage from drab… to fab

If you’re looking for a ‘good clean fun’ site (with no creepy pictures that leave you visually scarred) filled with new, exciting and different ideas to spice up your sex life, welcome to The Sassy Wives Club. Our Sexy Date Night Ideas & Printable’s Blog is a great tool for every relationship, especially if you have difficulty verbalizing your sexual needs, wants and desires. It is designed to add the variety every sexual relationship needs, with new fresh ideas and a printable sex date card or voucher every week of the year. You also have control over how far you want to take things (what floats your boat doesn’t necessarily float someone else’s) as you can pen in or tick which desires you want to fulfill in your date night card or voucher.

Newly married? We have you sorted too!

If you’re newly married, or your relationship isn’t very sexually explorative, we suggest starting with our FREE Beginner’s Program To Spice Up Your Sex Life, and then progressing onto our Sexy Date Night Ideas & Printable’s Blog (as they’re a little more daring)! Our Beginners Program runs for 12 weeks, and includes 12 FREE printable sex date cards & vouchers. They’re a great tool to set you off on a journey of sexual discovery, where you and your spouse can get to know each other intimately. From discovering your sexual likes & dislikes, to trying new positions, our Beginners Program is a fun way to learn what makes each other tick!

We hope you’ll find our site as rewarding as it’s been for us. Most importantly, we hope you have loads of fun… sex should never be a duty.

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person” Mignon McLaughlin

The Sassy Wives Club team

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